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Explore Lake Kivu on 3 hours boat ride

Explore Lake Kivu on 3 hours boat ride

Discover the majestic Lake Kivu, the peacefulness and tranquility of this amazing
place will make you relax beyond your expectation. 


This tour operates from the Lake Kivu area in Kibuye, not Kigali.


Take a boat ride along Lake Kivu to visit nearby islands such as Napoleon Island (named because it is shaped like Napoleon’s hat), Mbabara Island where coffee and macadamia nuts grow, and the majestic Peace Island where you can swim around and enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of Lake Kivu.


The tour starts from Lake Kivu. You need to provide your hotel information at Lake Kivu where you are staying so our boatman can meet you and take you to the boat. This tour does not start from Kigali. Life jackets are provided during the trip. Please make sure to carry your medical/travel insurance during your trip. Thank you.


Cancellation policy: Full refund within 14 days of booking, minus credit card processing fees. A 50% refund is applicable if the booking is canceled within 14 days before the tour starts, minus credit card processing fees. No refunds will be provided if the booking is made within 5 or 7 days before the tour begins.


    Lake Kivu is one of the African Great Lakes, situated on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. It is located in the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift. Lake Kivu empties into the Ruzizi River, which flows southwards into Lake Tanganyika.



    Area: 2,700 km²

    Catchment area: 2,700 km²

    Surface elevation: 1,460 m

    Max. depth: 480 m (1,575 ft)

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