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Wildlife Encounter (Kilimanjaro, Tanzania)

Wildlife Encounter (Kilimanjaro, Tanzania)

Have you ever dreamt of touching wild animals, taking up-close photos with them, and interacting with them? Look no further and choose the Wildlife Encounter tour from Arusha or Kilimanjaro to fulfill your wildlife safari dream.


The wildlife sanctuary spans over 1000 acres and has been developed in phases, with areas designated according to the specific needs of animals, covering 50 acres at a time. Animals are sourced ethically, obtained from zoos, and include injured animals from the wild. The primary goal is to instill natural behaviors and eventually rehabilitate them for release into the wild, with the assistance of TAWA and TAWIRI. The animals within the wildlife sanctuary are owned by the Tanzanian Government and are often brought here by TAWA as orphans or injured wildlife. Serval Wildlife diligently treats and trains these animals to prepare them for release into their natural habitat within TANAPA protected parks.


The trip commences at 9:00 AM with a 2-hour car drive from Arusha. Upon arrival, you will have 1.5 -2 hours to interact with the animals under supervision, feed them with the food provided by the wildlife sanctuary, and take photos. Following this immersive experience, you can choose to spend additional time at the on-site restaurant for lunch (at your own expense) or opt to return to your hotel or private accommodation.


Please provide your hotel or accommodation in Arusha or Kilimanjaro for pick up schedule.


Cancellation: Non refundable


  • Wildlife Safari

    "If you are looking for a fascinating, exclusive, and unparalleled experience then serval wildlife is for you! we are a luxury ecotourism lodge and wildlife haven tucked away in the siha district of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania." Serval Wildlife

    While many safaris cannot guarantee animal sightings, at Serval Wildlife, you are assured of getting closer to giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, lions, and kudos. These animals were brought to the sanctuary at an early age as babies and raised to interact with humans. Here, you can feed them with the food provided by the wildlife sanctuary, capture photos and videos with them, and create lasting memories. The place is a true paradise for wildlife, offering an absolutely incredible safari experience during your time in Arusha.

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