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Visa Regulation for the Republic of Benin

Updated: Mar 5

Republic of Benin has implemented e-visa policy making traveling to Benin much easier. E-visa allows travelers to obtain all tourists e-visas, business e-visas, and transit e-visas online. The process is quick and reliable. The validity of e-visa starts from the date of entry into the Republic of Benin based on data submitted in your application. Application for online e-visa should be submitted at least 7 days before your intended departure from your country. By clicking on the image below you will be re-directed to the website of the Government of Benin to supply your data for e-visa processing. This site allows any foreigner wishing to visit the Republic of Benin to submit his eVisa application online. The process includes the payment online. The eVisa is sent directly to the email address supplied once the request is accepted by Benin authorities.

To apply for e-Visa please click on link

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