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Visa Regulation to Zambia

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

You can now apply for visas and various immigration permits for Zambia online. The e-visa portal launched by the Government of Zambia is designed to enhance the customer experience by eliminating the manual paper based processes which where both time consuming and not user friendly. The portal allows applicants to complete applications, pay online, as well as receive feedback on the outcome of the application. WARNING: There is Zambia visa and Kaza visa. The KAZA UNIVISA costs USD 50 and allows tourists to obtain one visa to visit both countries multiple times (Zambia and Zimbabwe).The visa is valid up to 30 days as long as the holder remains within Zambia and Zimbabwe. If you were in Zambia and went into Malawi and decided to go to Zaimbabwe from Malawi, your Kaza visa becomes invalid. You must enter Zimbabwe from Zambia or enter Zambia from Zimbabwe without going through third country. To apply for Zambia e-visa click on the link below:

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