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Incredible Destinations at Your Fingertips


Many of our clients at Discover Africa experience leisure travel just once or twice a year, so when they trust us with planning their vacations, we take their requests very seriously. Choose from our selection of amazing tours and leave the rest to us.


Malawi in 6 days without accommodation


Described as the ‘Warm Heart Of Africa’, this relatively little known gem of this diverse continent has so much to offer; wildlife, culture, adventure, scenery, and of course the third largest lake in Africa. Malawians are the friendliest people you will come across, and truly earn the title 'the Warm Heart of Africa'.


Malawi in 7 days with accommodation


Malawi’s tourist industry is vital to the overall economy of the country and supports huge numbers of local Malawians through employment and community projects, as well as helping conserve the country’s natural riches.


Lilongwe City Tour


To bring you the best of Lilongwe with professional local tour guide and make your visit to Malawi absolutely incredible. Welcome to Lilongwe, Malawi

Mzuzu Coffee Farm.jpg

Coffee farm tour to Mzuzu, Malawi


Learn about coffee production in Malawi and challenged farmers face to produce high quality Arabica coffee for the world market. Good coffee does not just happen.

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